Why Your Auto Garage Needs a Waste Oil Heater

Why Your Auto Garage Needs a Waste Oil Heater

If your business creates used oil throughout the day, it can be a challenge to keep up with regulations, heating costs and proper disposal. However, you also have the opportunity to implement waste oil heaters, which are machines that burn used motor oil as well as transmission fluid, hydraulic, brake or any other petroleum liquids. The heaters can generate safe, clean and free heat for your business.

Because oil isn’t like most other liquids, it can be cleaned and reused a hundred times through a process of extraction, filtering, de-asphalting and distillation. As a recyclable fluid, oil can be reused in many different ways for your business, especially as a reliable source of heating fuel. Industries ranging from auto shops and car dealerships to trucking businesses can use waste oil as a fuel source.

Waste Oil Heater Benefits

Investing in a waste oil heater is advantageous for your company in more ways than one. It also beats improper disposal, which is detrimental to the environment and human health. Heaters are even EPA-regulated, meaning you can eliminate the risk of relying on a third party to get rid of the oil.

In short, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re properly disposing of the fluid. Other advantages include:

  1. Saving Money

If you’re wondering how to recycle used oil, a waste oil heater essentially transforms a worthless product into heat. It’s a practical solution that delivers a substantial ROI to your operations. You can save money on monthly heating and energy bills, and the heater pays for itself in the long run — it’s a win-win.

  1. Being Sustainable

Working with a waste oil heater gives you the opportunity to partake in the growing need for eco-friendly businesses. By embracing green technology, you can keep oil waste out of landfills. As a result, you’ll prevent more pollutants from reaching the land and water supplies. Waste oil heaters reduce your need for natural gas and oil supplies, as well. Recycling or reusing the fluid protects the environment, while improper disposal can harm it. You’ll also help conserve natural resources.

  1. Using an Efficient Heat Source

Oil doesn’t expire and is a fluid you can use hundreds of times over. When it gets dirty, recycling the liquid as an efficient heat source becomes an effective way to warm your shop or even generate electricity. From the money you save, you can allocate it to other operations to boost the productivity of your auto repair shop or other trade.

Why You Need a Waste Oil Heater From North American Auto Equipment

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