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Cylinder Repair Kits — Seal Kits

Your hydraulic cylinders represent the workhorse of your car lift, efficiently powering its movement. But their frequent use means more wear and tear on their components. Heavy use can lead to fluid leakage, decreased performance or jerky operation — telltale signs that it's time to replace the seals.

At North American Auto Equipment, we've made the process easier than ever with our cylinder repair and seal kits.

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Seal Kit or Repair Kit for the TP9KAF or TP9KAC Auto Lift Cylinder NSS8-QD Seal Kit NSS8-F Seal Kit
TP9-Seal Kit
Our Price: $89.00
NSS8-QD Seal Kit
Our Price: $89.00
NSS8-F Seal Kit
Our Price: $89.00
Seal Kit or Repair Kit for the TP9KAF or TP9KAC Auto Lift Cylinder
NSS8-F Seal Kit
NTO11-QD Seal Kit FP7K & FP8K-4065 Seal Kit
NTO11-QD Seal Kit
Our Price: $99.00
FP7K & FP8K-4065 Seal Kit
Our Price: $129.00

Seal Kits at North American Auto Equipment

We carry seal kits for major car lift brands, including Atlas® and Universalift. Our cylinder repair kits offer many benefits, including:

  • Compatibility: Our inventory features model-specific seal kits to ensure the ideal fit. Order the kit that corresponds to the lift you own and feel confident knowing you've gotten the right parts.
  • Convenience: Our kits make auto lift maintenance easier. Plus, you can install them yourself rather than schedule a service call.
  • Longevity: These kits help extend your lift's life span and maintenance intervals. You'll save money on repairs and premature replacements for a better return on investment.
  • Efficiency: When you have the parts you need on hand, you can make replacements faster. Less downtime leads to increased production.
  • Performance: You'll keep more harmful dirt and debris out of your lift's hydraulic cylinders with our seal kits, which means better and more dependable operation.
  • Reliability: We stand firmly behind what we sell. Our cylinder repair kits come with a one-year warranty for quality you can count on.

Benefits of Buying From North American Auto Equipment

Our team values long-term relationships, and we work hard each day to be a trusted partner for our customers. They continue to choose us because:

  • We deliver peace of mind. North American Auto Equipment has a team of tech support specialists and field technicians to provide on-site service, installation and repair. We're here with professional support when you need it.
  • We have an extensive knowledge base. Our team has the expertise to evaluate solutions based on your unique needs. We're always honest about our recommendations so we can set you up for success.
  • We only sell high-quality components. We own our warehouse, which gives us more control over our stock and the brands we partner with. Our team proudly stocks lifts, parts and accessories from the manufacturers our customers trust.
  • We make purchases affordable. North American Auto Equipment will meet or beat any written quote. Plus, we have numerous financing partners that can help set up manageable payment plans.
  • We listen and respond. Our inventory is consistently updated, and we take feedback from our customers and field technicians to keep improving our selections and service.

Order Your Cylinder Repair and Seal Kits Today

Whether you're a mechanic or an enthusiast, you know how vital parts selection and quality are to keep your car lift performing at its best. Working with an expert like us makes a difference. Our family-operated and -owned company has delivered objective guidance, superior experiences and affordable garage solutions for over 30 years.

Shop anytime on our website, connect with a specialist online or call us at 866-607-4022 for service and advice you can trust.