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Digital Wheel Balancers

Electronic Wheel Balancers
Fully motorized Digital Electronic Wheel Balancers
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Wheel Balancer Cone Set Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Adapter Kit WB-550 - Electronic Wheel Balancer
WB-Light Truck Cone Set
Our Price: $249.00
Wheel Balancer Cone Set
Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Adapter Kit


WB-800 - Electronic Wheel Balancer WB-1200 Electronic Wheel Balancer - For Trucks ER75TD HubMatch® RFV Wheel Balancer


A true heavy duty wheel balancer. This machine is for your large truck wheels and your small passenger wheels. Comes standard with auto distance and wheel diameter measuring. Protective cover included.

Wheel Size Range 10" - 28"

Max Tire Diameter 51"

Rim Width 1.5" - 20"

Price includes freight to a Business or Freight Terminal in the 48 States. $100.00 Warehouse & Product handling fee applies to all shipments and pick ups. Terms and Conditions apply.

Free 2 Piece Light Truck Cone Set $199.00 Value
Free Auto Cones
Free Medium Duty & Heavy Duty Truck Cones Include

ER100GT HubMatch CEMB - TOP-OF-THE-LINE - Wheel Balancer.  Diagnostic Series Wheel Balancer. Diagnostic RFV Wheel Balancer. CEMB Industrial Video Truck Wheel Balancer CEMB K22 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer
ER100GT - HubMatch
Our Price: $19,500.00

The only Truck Balancer in the world with PNEUMATIC LOCKING! - Industrial Video Truck Wheel Balancer - CEMB truck tire production balancer for non-stop continues 24/7 use on performance tires and others. Comes fully assembled!

Please call us @ 1-866-607-4022 for pricing, freight rates, and local availability.
A Digital Wheel Balancer specifically designed for Motorcycles and Scooters offers both Static and Dynamic balance with automatic input of distance and diameter entry.


Wheel Balancer Machines

Balanced wheels and tires are critical for safe and comfortable driving. Due to the tire manufacturing process, tires are not perfectly balanced when they are installed on a wheel or rim. Variations in weight around the circumference of the tire can cause anything from slight vibrations to major shuddering at low, medium or high speeds. To counteract this imbalance, wheel installers use a wheel balancer machine to determine where the imbalance is coming from and help you apply weight where it’s needed.

While the basic principle behind wheel balancing hasn't changed over the years, the sophistication and precision of the equipment have. Here at North American Auto Equipment, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most advanced auto body repair and automotive service equipment on the market. We carry top-quality products that give you value, performance and reliability so you have the confidence to offer perfect wheel balancing to your customers every time.

A Model to Suit Your Balancing Needs

Depending on the type, size and quantity of tires you balance, you'll want to choose the perfect wheel balancer service equipment. We carry many different models so you don't have to settle for “close enough.” Instead, opt for the wheel balancer that works perfectly for your business and gives you the best results as well as the best return on your investment.

Take a look at our wheel balancer equipment models:

  • Portable units: Perfect if you only have periodic wheel balancing needs and would like to be able to move the machine when you need it elsewhere or it isn’t in use.
  • Passenger vehicle electronic balancers: Choose one of these models if you balance a range of wheels from cars, small trucks and compact SUVs.
  • Truck and SUV balancers: These models are suited to large and heavy truck and full-size SUV tires and have enough space and clearance for off-road tires as well as snow tires.
  • Motorcycle wheel balancers: Balance motorcycle and scooter wheels with the same ease as standard automotive tires with a purpose-built motorcycle wheel balancer.
  • Motorcycle wheel adapters: While direct installation of a motorcycle wheel on an automotive balancer isn’t possible, a simple adapter allows you to balance this type of wheel as well.
  • Video balancer + diagnostics: For the best technology available, opt for our video balancing and diagnostics unit, which helps you pinpoint and correct wheel balancing issues.

With so many different options, you might not know where to start. We invite you to browse our always-changing online catalog of wheel alignment service machines and read up on the different specs. Pay close attention to the range of wheel sizes each model can handle and select a machine that covers your needs.

You can also contact one of our team members for more information by filling in our online contact form or giving us a call. It would be our pleasure to discuss your automotive or motorcycle wheel balancing needs with you and point you to the right equipment. We never pressure our customers into buying equipment. Instead, we take the time to understand your business and expectations and help identify the right wheel balancer.

And if we don’t have the right machine, we’ll tell you so! You won’t find that kind of customer service just anywhere, so come and learn how we’ve earned our reputation as the online leader in auto equipment and wheel balancers.

Competitive Financing

North American Auto Equipment started small like most of you did. We understand the value of a dollar and know that you want the best value for your money. If you find the right wheel balancer on our site but don’t have the cash available, no worries. We can offer competitive financing rates to help you purchase the equipment you need today. Don’t put off buying a wheel balancer service machine and watch as your competition steals all your wheel business. Instead, choose one of our attractive financing options and start perfectly balancing your wheels today.

We also carry various wheel cone adapters (for trucks and SUVs, for example), so check out our list of accessories before you place your order and make sure you’re properly equipped to balance all types of wheels.