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Wheel Service Equipment for Auto Garages

With more than 30 years of service, North American Auto Equipment is the leading name in automotive wheel service equipment. With our wide selection of wheel balancers, tire changers and rim straighteners, we offer a full array of machines and parts to make an auto-repair garage complete.

  • Benefits of Purchasing From North American Auto Equipment

When you buy an auto wheel alignment system, the benefits to your business and the cars you service will be exponential because the equipment in our catalog is designed to facilitate an easier, more efficient process for balancing automotive wheels.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Great Prices. Machines and parts in the North American Auto Equipment catalog are sold at reasonable prices. In fact, our high-tech machines are sold at prices you're unlikely to see elsewhere.
  • Quality. Low prices are only one of the benefits of buying from North American Auto Equipment. Product quality is our main objective because we want you to provide excellent auto service for people who bring their cars into your garage.
  • Value. At North American Auto Equipment, we pride ourselves on offering the best industry customer service. We offer a full factory direct warranty on all new products sold in our catalog.
  • Specials Offers from North American Auto Equipment. To further serve our customers, we do special offers on select items from time to time in our catalog, so it's good to check back on a periodic basis. You’ll find:
    • Shipping Included in Prices. Shipping is free on orders shipped within the continental (lower 48) United States.
    • Free Two-Piece Light Truck Cone Set. Several combo packages in our catalog are sold with a free, two-piece Light Truck Cone Set — a $199.00 Value!
    • Plastic Mount / Demount Head. When you purchase a combo Package, you'll also receive a plastic mount / demount head — a $99.00 Value!

Equipment You’ll Find When You Buy From Us

There’s a wide variety of tools and equipment you need when you have an auto repair garage. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to purchase that equipment. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find when you shop with North American Auto Equipment:

Rim Straighteners

A rim straightener machine could help you save numerous rims that would otherwise need to be discarded. As such, it's one of the more money-saving wheel straightening machine type.

General Services of a Rim Straightener

On a lot of wheels, you'll often find that the rims are dented, cracked or even squeezed into the shape of ovals. For obvious reasons, such problems must be rectified to maintain proper wheel balance. Therefore, every auto repair facility should have an automotive rim straightener to prevent such problems.

Models Available

Rim straightening machines are available in two models from North American Auto Equipment. Both straighteners are designed to render damaged rims as good as new:

  • RSS 3000. The RSS 3000 Rim Straightener - Wheel Repair Lathe - Rim Press Lathe allows you to straighten out, trim and refurbish aluminum and steel wheels. Made to handle rims as large as 30", the RSS-3000 sells for $5,995.00.
  • RSS 2600. The RSS 2600 Rim Straightener - Wheel Repair Lathe - Rim Press Lathe is sold with 38 Centering Cones, and it features the same cutting, polishing and straightening capabilities as the 3000. The 2600 sells for $6,995.00.

Tire Changers

An automotive tire changer can make auto work and maintenance a whole lot easier and more efficient. With today's technology, tire changers are more accessible than ever, as they feature capacities such as 12.75" - 26.5" rim clamping and 145 psi operating pressure.

Products Available

A vast range of products are always offered in the North American Auto Equipment catalog, whether you need a heavy-duty tire changer or a wheel balancer. We carry:

  • Semi Automatic Tire Changer. One of the most widely favored machines for changing tires is TC-950 - Semi Automatic Tire Changer. With an optimal bead ballast and a capacity for 26" rims, the changer works for the majority of road tires. The TC-950 sells for $1,294.00.
  • Fully Automatic Tire Changer. For a somewhat more advanced tire-changing option, the TC-950.2 - Fully Automatic Tire Changer with Dual Assist Arms contains all the functions of the 950, but with dual pneumatic assist arms. Equipped to handle wide and low profile tires in addition to flats, the TC-950.2 sells for $2,094.00.
  • Heavy-Duty Tire Changer. For tire changing of a more heavy-duty nature, the TC-650 - Heavy Duty Tire Changer takes the process to another level. Designed to handle large tires, the 650 is optimized for a range of commercial and industrial vehicles, from buses and trucks to various types of rolling stock. With features that include a wireless remote, crow bar and bead press clamp, the TC-650 sells for $4,698.00.
  • Tire Spreader. When it comes to tire maintenance, it's crucial to have a spreader that can accommodate a variety of tires. That way, when repairs or examinations need to be made, the task can always be handled on a single device. With the TS-250 Tire Spreader, tire work becomes a whole lot easier, because the device is equipped with a 360 swivel top, four tilt settings, and various other optimization features. The TS-250 sells for $280.00.

Additional Accessories and Parts

In addition to car tire changer devices, various alignment products are also sold in our catalog, such as:

  • Motorcycle Adapters & ATV Adapters. In the maintenance shop, motorcycles and ATV's require different equipment than cars and larger vehicles. For projects of this nature, the CEMB SM 900+ w/Press Arm can work wonders. Equipped with dual clamping cylinders, press arm and protective inserts for aluminum wheels, the CEMB SM 900 sells for $4,925.00.
  • Single and Dual Assist Arms. Tire work can be exhausting without the proper machinery in place to help you along with the job. With the TC-950.2 - Fully Automatic Tire Changer With Dual Assist Arms, things become easier and relatively stress-free. Equipped to handle tires in a range of different sizes and conditions, the unit features dual pneumatic arms and a powerful bead blast. The TC-950.2 sells for $2,094.00.

Wheel Alignment

Automotive wheel alignment equipment, when used effectively, can help reduce the possibility of tire wear on a vehicle. This, in turn, helps conserve fuel, which tends to go faster in cars that must work harder just to function.

  • Computer Alignment System. To ensure each vehicle makes proper contact with the road, it's crucial to have an automotive wheel alignment system that makes accurate measurements. With the CEMB Computer Wheel Alignment System For Cars and Trucks, the task can be accomplished with utmost accuracy. Compatible with most alignment lifts and chassis machines, the system sells for $8,995.00.
  • Alignment Combo Packages. Auto wheel alignment equipment is best when it comes in a combo package that lets you perform various other tasks. With the TC-950.1 & WB-800 Combo Package, you get the TC-950-1 tire changer as well as the WB-800 wheel balancer. Features of the TC include plastic rim clamp covers, tire iron and lube supplies, while the WB comes with cone adapters, wheel weight hammer and rim caliper, among other things. This combo package is priced at $3,144.00.For those who want to take the combination features to the next level, the TC-950.2 & WB-800 Combo Package offers all the same functions as the other tire changer/wheel balancer combo, but with even more features. Namely, the TC-950-1 comes with dual pneumatic assist arms, which makes tire changing a stress-free process. This combo package is priced at $3,444.00.
  • Turnplates. When it comes to alignment lift, turnplates — or turntables, as they're alternately known — provide a further means for attaining accuracy with each vehicle. A set of two turnplates can be purchased from North American Auto Equipment for $525.00.

Wheel Balancers

When a vehicle is subject to an automotive wheel balancer on a periodic basis, the tires and wheels are far likelier to have proper balance for many years.

Products Available

The car wheel balancer is made today in a variety of forms, from electronic and digital to video based.

  • Electronic Wheel Balancer. Today's automotive tire balancer is equipped with features that make balancing easier. As such, the majority of new balancers operate electronically.
  • Electronic Truck Wheel Balancer. To balance aluminum wheels on a range of vehicles, it takes an electronic wheel balancer that can fit in a reasonably sized work facility. Built to fit in mid-sized and larger garages, the CEMB ER80 - Touch Panel Digital Wheel Balancer makes is possible to swiftly achieve balance with utmost precision. The CEMB ER80 sells for $6,949.00.
  • Digital Wheel Balancer. An automotive wheel straightening machine should allow for more convenient balancing work in locations of all sizes. The CEMB K8 - Digital Wheel Balancer is small enough for use in moderately sized garages, in addition to gas stations. The fully assembled K8 sells for $2,590.00.
  • Digital Mobile Wheel Balancer. With a digital wheel balancer, the task of wheel balancing can be taken to a more convenient, high-tech level. The primary machine for this task is the CEMB C29 Digital Mobile Wheel Balancer, which is compact enough for automotive workspaces of every size. Designed to balance cars as well as light trucks, the C29 sells for $2,800.00.
  • Touch Video Balancer. As the demands of wheel balancing get increasingly high-tech, so too does the technology of balancers. Leading the way is the CEMB ER85 - Touch Video Wheel Balancer, which allows for a more state-of-the-art performance in work spaces large and small. With its ability to balance aluminum wheels with utmost accuracy, the ER85 sells for $10,100.00.
  • Touch Video Balancer. Advances in auto wheel alignment equipment now include video, which enhances the capabilities of auto workers. With the CEMB ER100 Touch Video Wheel Balancer & Diagnostic Center, measurements of balance on a given vehicle can be determined in seconds. The ER100 is priced at $16,390.00.
  • Touch Video Heavy-Duty Truck Wheel Balancer. To ensure the wheels of a large truck are properly balanced, you need a heavy-duty machine that can handle large tires. Designed to handle such demands, the CEMB C202 SE - Heavy Duty Truck Balancer is the only machine of its kind with pneumatic clocking. The CEMB C202 SE sells for $21,055.00
  • Motorcycle Wheel Balancer. Managing the balance of a motorcycle requires different machinery than the kind used for cars and trucks. For the two-wheeler, there's the CEMB K22 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer, which is uniquely designed to offer static and dynamic balance for motorcycles. The CEMB K22 sells for $4,200.00.

Additional Accessories and Parts

In addition to digital and video balancer units, further products in our catalog make it easier to work with motorcycles, including:

  • Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Adapter. The balancing and treatment of motorcycle wheels can be done with the same machine used for cars and trucks, as long as there's an adaptor. With TC-490 - Tire Changer with Motorcycle Adapters motorcycle rims can be handled as easily as rims on larger vehicles. The TC-490 sells for $1,049.00.
  • Light Truck Cone Set. For added balance on light trucks, it's often necessary to equip the wheels with cone sets, which are made to fit most medium-duty trucks. Thankfully, several of the combo packages sold by North American Auto Equipment include a free Two-Piece Light Truck Cone Set — a $199.00 Value.

Wheel Weights

Sometimes, an added element is needed to keep wheels properly balanced. Once a set of wheels has been fitted with tires, the newly combined weight can be held in balance with the application of wheel weights.

Wheel Weights Available

Weights for wheels can be purchased in packages that contain one size or many. The best option for your first order could all depend on the range of vehicles you normally service in your garage. Here’s a quick look at what we offer:

  • Individual Wheel Weights. If you need a set of wheel weights for a specific make or model of car, there are a range of options, starting with the WW-A-.25 Zinc Clip on Weights for Aluminum and Alloy Application - .25oz - 50 Pieces Per Box, which are priced at $11.20. WW zinc clip-ons are available in range of sizes, all the way up to WW-3.0 Zinc Clip on Weights for Steel Application - 3.0z - 25 Pieces Per Box, which are priced at $66.00.
  • Wheel Weight Kits. For auto workers who need weights for a range of different vehicle types, wheel weights of various sizes can also be purchased in a single kit. The WW-Basic Basic Wheel Weight Kit contains 25 pieces each of weights in the 1.0oz to 3.0oz range, as well as 50 pieces each of .25oz, .50oz and .75oz weights. The WW Basic kits sells for $199.00. Still want more? The WW-Deluxe Deluxe Wheel Weight Kit includes a complete set of aluminum and alloy weights, plus a full set of steel clip-on weights and a box of adhesive weights. The WW Deluxe kit is priced at $299.00.

Combo Package Promotions

Combo packages provide a great opportunity for new auto garages to stock up on high-tech wheel alignment equipment. For instance, the TC-950.2 & WB-550 Combo Package contains two machines that each have an array of features.

Value of Combo Packages

When you buy two machines as part of a combo package, the savings is exponential. For example, the TC-950.2 & WB-550 Combo Package sells for $3,069.00, a lower price than what it would cost to purchase them separately.

Combo Packages Included

When purchased in combos, you get two high-tech machines in one package. For instance, the TC-950.2 & WB-550 Combo Package mentioned above includes a tire changer (TC) and a wheel balancer (WB), both of which are among the most important machines to have in any auto garage.

Advantages of the Combo Package

The benefit of a combo package is that you get features and benefits of two state-of-the-art machines in a single purchase. The TC, for instance, features a dual pneumatic assist that works on tires of various consistencies. Meanwhile, the WB comes with a tire tool bar, a soap tank and numerous other features.

At North American Auto Equipment, we offer the best deals on the best selection of automotive wheel service equipment. To learn more about our products and offers, contact us today.