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Atlas® HT-ACL Cycle Lift 1,000 Capacity with Drop In Rear Wheel Roller Plate Atlas® Cycle Lift Pneumatic Portable 1,000 Capacity with Drop Out Wheel Feature Atlas® Cycle Lift XLT Includes ATV/UTV Width Side Extensions and Dolly


The Atlas® HT-ACL Motorcycle Lift is an air powered lift table that is ideal for making repairs to motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, jet skis and more. The 1,000 lb. capacity, extra large platform brings all your jobs to a comfortable 31" (highest locking position) working height. Choose from a range of accessories to customize this table for your shop and make it the perfect addition to your service department or the motorcycle rider who wants to work on his personal bike in his own garage.


The Atlas® Cycle Lift has one of the industry's longest (standard) platforms to accommodate the extra long motorcycles. The motorcycle lift has a heavy gauge (diamond plated) platform length of 93 inches and an additional 20 inch removable approach ramp.

This is a complete motorcycle lift that includes an adjustable front (padded) wheel vise and a heavy duty air operated foot valve for easy raising and lowering. The stabilizing bar is included at no extra charge. This bar provides greater stability for the raised platform by increasing the “footprint” of the lift.


When the Atlas® Cycle Lift XLT is attached (this takes about three minutes), to the Atlas® Cycle Lift, the lift is transformed into the Atlas® Cycle Lift XLT. When the XLT kit is attached to the Atlas® Cycle Lift, the raised platform area is 93" X 48" and the approach ramps are 20" X 48 ".
Atlas® HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT Includes ATV/UTV Width Side Extensions and Dolly Single Column Lift for Atv's, LawnTractor's and Motorcycle's



The Atlas® HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT ATV and golf cart air operated lift is the Atlas HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT that has been equipped with the Atlas® HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT kit. The kit consists of two removable 85 ½" X 12" diamond plated side extensions, two removable 22 ½" X 12" diamond plated approach ramps, three cross tubes with lock rings, and a wheeled dolly.
Space saver single column, 2,000 lb capacity, lawnmower, ATV and motorcycle lift - when optional extension and vice are purchased.

Premium Motorcycle Lifts

Bison lifts can handle motorcycles of all brands and styles. Whether you need a device that includes a wheel lock or an extension for equipment that you already own, you can find it right here.

Single Column Lift

Do you need to raise your entire bike? Our single column motorcycle lifts have a large steel platform that has a width of 49 inches and a length of 64 inches. Additionally, you can add a wheel vise, which can secure either the front wheel or the rear wheel of your bike, to your order for a significantly discounted price.

Motorcycle Jack

Our motorcycle jack has a lifting range of three inches to more than 15 inches, and it is designed to lift only one of your bike's wheels off of the ground at one time. This jack has zinc plates to ensure maximum strength and to prevent rust.