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Car Lifts for Automotive and Home Garages

Complete Auto Service Lifts & Auto Storage Lifts

2 Post Lifts

All of our state-of-the-art two post lifts have a wide range of applications, such as classic car restoration and usage in a hobby shop, and some of these lifts can hold large trucks and commercial vehicles indefinitely.

The arms on each of the posts are fully adjustable in order to provide particularly low clearance.

Alignment Lifts

Most of our alignment lifts have a maximum capacity of 14,000 pounds, and each of them is driven by a cable or an especially large chain. The lifts come with nonskid diamond runways, and all of our lifts include numerous safety locks.

Additionally, this equipment comes with free mounting hardware.

Rolling Air Jacks

Are you searching for a rolling air jack that can hold more than 5,000 pounds? All of our air jacks have a capacity of at least 6,600 pounds, and the largest rolling jack that we offer can handle 8,000 pounds.

The jacks are made out of premium steel and include steel ball bearings to provide maximum support when the jack is being moved while holding a vehicle, and if lubricated frequently, these jacks can last for countless years.

4 Post Lifts

Our automotive four post lifts provide the maximum level of stability for automobiles of all weights and sizes, and the majority of these lifts on our website include a large platform and a specialized steel latch that can engage a large lock to prevent a free fall.

Scissor Lifts

These low-rise and mid-rise scissor lifts have adjustable arms that slide underneath the platform to lower or to raise a vehicle. Most scissor lifts that we offer have twin hydraulic cylinders, and they include automatic safety locks.

Furthermore, swivel pads and height adapters, which can be used to promptly change your automobile's position or to lower it to the ground, are included with your purchase.

Single Column Lifts

Do you need extra room when repairing or restoring a vehicle?

A built-in hydraulic pump allows you to control the lift by pressing a pedal on the bottom with your foot, and each piece of equipment comes with a large manual safety pin.

North American Auto Equipment is proud to offer the latest, and greatest, auto lifts, car lifts and truck lifts to anyone that is searching for a high quality auto lift, car lift or truck lift for less.

What is better value than your standard auto lift, car lift or truck lift?

A Universalift is better value than your standard auto lift, car lift and truck lift and we feel that out photo's, and video's, are pretty convincing.

Why is Universalift better than your standard auto lift, car lift or truck lift?

A Universalift is better because it is engineered to give you more value and performance than your run of the mill auto lift, car lift and truck lift. Universalift's feature engineered auto lift columns, carriages, arms, and hydraulic cylinders, that will outperform any lift in the economical price category. North American Auto Equipment is your exclusive Universalift distributor, and it our goal to show that public that we actually do give more lift for the money. Here you will find pictures and videos of our Universalift line of Auto Lifts, Car Lifts, and Truck Lifts, performing under under extreme working conditions.

What is the Heart of an Auto Lift?

The Carriage is the heart of the lift (shown above) and Universalift Auto Lifts, Car lifts, Truck Lifts have technically engineered carriages that are fully gusseted from maximum load distribution within the car lift column for maximum internal rub block performance.

Universalift auto lifts, car lifts and truck lifts offer the most rugged carriages in the industry, with unique gussets, and plate wrap gussets that are fully welded around the torsion tube, or what some call the arm pivot-support tube.

What could be better than having more steel at the auto lift arm pivot point?

Are you searching for an Economical Auto Lift, Car Lift or Truck lift, and having trouble distinguishing one lift from another?
Don't get lost online searching through page after page of companies selling the Tuxedo, Fanbao and Titan, Model TP9KAC, TP9KF and TP9KAF with 50 different labels on them. Visit our website and check out the Universalift 9KAF and Universalift 9KAC as an alternative to the cheapest lift on the market, and for around the same money, get a 9,000lb Car lift, Auto Lift and Truck lift that will actually handle a four door, long bed, Dodge 2500, with a Cummins Diesel, and watch it lift the truck without the severe arm flex.

Universalift Auto Lifts, Car Lifts and Truck Lifts are priced competitively with all of the off brand privately labelled lifts on the market in order to keep our quality within the price range of the economical auto lift, car lift and truck lift shopper. The difference is the Universalift line of auto lifts, car lifts and truck lifts offer more strength as a result of our lift arms, carriages and lift columns, engineering.

Most car lift, auto lift and truck lift companies show photos of the car lifts, auto lifts and truck lifts, but without a substantial load on the lift, and without close up shots of the lift arms, especially while lifting a heavy duty pick up truck with a diesel engine. North American Auto Equipment has taken Auto Lift, Car lift and Truck Lift Marketing to a whole new level of disclosure by showing the most important features that comprise an auto lift by showing close up shots under a full load.