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Car Lifts for Automotive and Home Garages

Auto Lifts

Whether you own an automotive shop or perform vehicle maintenance on your own time, nothing is more important than an automotive service lift. Auto lifts are designed to hoist vehicles for the sake of repairs, adjusting and replacing parts, and routine service, but it is crucial to select a model that caters to your needs. All automotive lifts have a purpose, but finding the best fit for your space is easier when you work with North American Auto Equipment.

The experts at North American Auto Equipment have a strong understanding of each auto lift category. We'll help you discover an automotive lift that will suit your environment and applications and provide safe functionality. Car and truck service lifts for sale from North American Auto Equipment optimize garages, showrooms, service stations and more in no time.

Doorstep Delivery and Installation In New England and New York

North American Auto Equipment (NAAE) is not just an auto lift provider—it’s your partner for enhanced automotive operations. Our commitment extends beyond merely selling high-quality products; we ensure they reach you too. We take pride in delivering your chosen auto lift right to your doorstep, catering to both commercial and residential garages across all of New England and Eastern New York. We will simply roll the auto lift off our trailer in your driveway, nothing additional needed on your end!

Yet, our service doesn’t end at delivery. Harnessing our expertise in the auto shop industry, we further offer installation services within these regions. Regardless of the type or brand of your auto lift, our team of skilled technicians will oversee the installation process, ensuring that your lift is properly set up for optimal performance.

Car and Truck Lifts for Sale

Service lifts at North American Auto Equipment bring you safety and convenience all in one asset. Whether you service customer vehicles or your own automobiles, our selection of service lifts will increase project efficiency and enable you to complete maintenance faster. With a wide variety of lifts on the market, we'll walk you through every step of the lift purchasing process and make it simple to choose the right model.

2-Post Lifts

The 2-post auto service lift variant is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in shops and showrooms today. These lifts feature adjustable arms for providing low clearance in smaller locations. A 2-post auto service lift allows for a "drive-through" experience because they support lifting vehicles by the frame.

Those who purchase a 2-post service lift from North American Auto Equipment can expect quick mounting times. Our customers have a choice between symmetrical and asymmetrical models for full access to tires and the remainder of the car body. In general, symmetrical lifts have support posts facing each other, while asymmetrical designs have swing arms and a rotated post orientation.

Our 2-post service lifts are an excellent option for customers looking to purchase their first lift while sticking to a budget.

4-Post Lifts

4-post lifts from North American Auto Equipment are ideal for achieving stability during heavy lifting. These service lifts offer a larger platform for vehicle mounting compared to 2-post models.

A 4-post service lift provides further support for the automotive repair industry thanks to the two additional support beams offering higher lifting capacities than 2-post lifts. Our selection of 4-post service lifts gives customers maximum support for vehicles of all sizes and weights. North American Auto Equipment includes a specialized steel latch for 4-post models that can engage a locking system to avoid a free fall.

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ALI Lifts

North American Auto Equipment supplies ALI-Certified lifts for placement in garages, auto body shops, showrooms and beyond. We strive to provide service lifts that comply with current national safety standards to keep you and your employees secure on the job. Each of our ALI-Certified lifts is properly tested and awarded certification for your safety.

Alignment Lifts

Alignment service lifts from North American Auto Equipment allow our customers to drive vehicles onto a runway for further analysis. These lifts serve repair shops with confidence, as vehicles with alignment damage can turn without resistance. Alignment wheel engaging lifts at North American Auto Equipment come with non-skid diamond runways, numerous safety locks and mounting hardware for repair jobs.

Our alignment lifts are suitable for lifting capacities of nearly 14,000 pounds.

Single-Column Auto Lifts

Single-column lifts give you greater access to your vehicle. Lifts in the single-column category are excellent for smaller shops with an evolving floor plan. Easily view the underside and tires of a vehicle for bodywork, painting and restoration.

North American Auto Equipment single-column auto lifts are small and mighty designs. Simply operate these portable lifts through a pedal and hydraulic pump for raising vehicles to the desired height.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift removes the need for posts and columns for lifting. These lift models are primarily used for repairs involving wheels, as vehicles lift from the ground through an accordion-shape mechanism under the runway. Scissor lifts are compact when not in use because the components sit close to the ground.

Consider this style if you lift on occasion and require movement across your garage.

Motorcycle Lifts

Motorcycle lifts at North American Auto Equipment are compatible with bikes, ATVs, lawn equipment and other wheel-based power tools you need to service or repair. We optimize your working space with the following options for motorcycle maintenance:

  • Motorcycle Single-Column Lifts: Drive motorcycles onto a large steel platform for access to the front, rear and side of a bike. You can choose ramp extensions and a front-wheel vice for secure lifting.
  • Motorcycle Scissor Lifts: Pull motorcycles into position on a scissor lift and raise the bike for engine work, bodywork, maintenance and more.

Garage Auto Lifts for Sale

Whether you work on vehicles for customers or not, auto lifts help to organize operations across your home or business. Purchasing an auto service lift from North American Auto Equipment adds versatility to automotive routines. Auto lifts instantly improve safety initiatives, repair turnarounds, storage techniques and more throughout your workspace.

Auto Lift Safety

When it comes to safety, adding auto lifts to your facility is pivotal if you are a mechanic. Propping up cars, motorcycles, trucks and SUVs gives you an open look underneath a vehicle. Not only will a service lift increase visibility, but your chances of getting trapped beneath a vehicle are also much smaller.

Auto service lifts are frequently used to improve safety while working around heavyweight vehicles. Mechanics have a better grasp on what repairs are needed when cars, trucks and more are located overhead. Automotive professionals are no longer forced to slide below a vehicle to assess its condition.

Auto Lifts and Storage

Auto garages, shops and showrooms can only fit a certain number of vehicles at once. Implementing an auto lift from North American Auto Equipment enables your home or business to double its parking capacity. With a 4-post lift, you can park cars and trucks under one another for additional space.

The most cost-effective way to double your garage space is to utilize lifts from North American Auto Equipment.

Auto Lift Factors to Consider

North American Auto Equipment stocks a variety of auto lifts for the benefit of our customers. When purchasing one of our lifts, we encourage you to measure your location more than once. You need to understand the dimensions of your workspace to find the perfect solution for your lifting needs.

Which capabilities are you looking for in a new lift? By speaking to one of our experts, you make the best choice for your home or business by considering the following:

  • Lift capacity: This is the maximum weight your lift can support.
  • Maximum height: This determines how high you are able to lift vehicles. The maximum height will coincide with the size of your garage.
  • Lift speed: Faster-operating lifts promote quick turnarounds on maintenance visits and repairs.
  • Drive-through clearance: You want to make sure the vehicles you service are compatible with the lift model you select.
  • Portability: Decide on the importance of being able to move your new investment around your space. Some of our models are more portable than others.

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North American Auto Equipment is your family-owned and operated company for auto service and storage lifts. We are constantly updating our online store, so be sure to check back in frequently for garage equipment, including tire changers, wheel balancers, rim straighteners and more. For more information about our products and listings, be sure to contact North American Auto Equipment today.