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Wheel Alignment Machines

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Turnplates also known as Turntables for an Alignment Lift (Set of 2) Atlas (ATEATLASWHLSTD) Set of 4 Wheel Stands w/Turntables CEMB DWA1100 Computer Wheel Alignment System - for Cars and Light Trucks
CEMB Computer Wheel Alignment System - for Cars and Light Trucks
Our Price: $30,250.00
Sale Price: $22,000.00
You save $8,250.00!
Turnplates also known as Turntables for an Alignment Lift (Set of 2)

The Atlas® Wheel Stands are the perfect choice for those smaller shops who want the advantages of a four post lift but have only limited floor space. The set of Atlas® Wheels Stands can support up to 6,000 lbs. and, because they are taller than most other stands, are the perfect height for hanging wheel alignment sensors. Many shops do not have room for a dedicated four post alignment lift. These shops may have only two post lifts or midrise lifts in their existing facility. The Atlas® Wheel Stands can be adjusted (leveled) so that they can be used for wheel alignment. Simply place a turntable on each wheel stand and your two post lift has been transformed into a four post alignment lift¢‚¬¦complete with turntables and slip plates. Use the arms of your two post lift (or mid-rise lift) to raise the vehicle to perform lateral run-out compensation for your sensors or to make adjustments on the front or rear ends. The Atlas® Wheel Stands are also perfect for undercar service including exhaust and suspension adjustments and installations.

The Atlas® Wheel Stands are the perfect choice for those two post lift owners who also want the many advantages offered by a four post lift, but just do not have the extra shop space.

CEMB DWA1000XL CCD Wireless Sensor Wheel Aligner

CEMB's DWA1000XL total vehicle wheel alignment machine improves safety as it provides the alignment technician with an accurate mufti-dimensional measurement device that gives live wheel alignment readings ensuring that the the vehicles tires are making proper contact with the road which reduces fuel consumption and tire wear. This computer alignment system is simple to use and affordable to own.

This affordable and economical wheel alignment system can be used with most alignment lifts, alignment stands and chassis machines.
Our Price: $43,375.00
Sale Price: $27,109.50
You save $16,265.50!

DWA3500 is the new 3D wheel alignment system for cars and light commercial vehicles, with a completely redesigned cabinet with drawers and housings for printer and accessories, easy accessibility for maintenance and an advanced software. It comes standard with a 24″ monitor. Monitor upgrades available upon request. Please contact our service department for more information.

Wheel Alignment Machines

Correct wheel alignment is important on a vehicle for several reasons. All vehicles come from the factory with a specific alignment setting that guarantees optimal ride, handling and braking. Any deviation from that alignment can cause issues when turning or stopping. Proper wheel alignment also helps avoid wheel vibration and uneven tire wear, which can vastly shorten tire life.

Here at North American Auto Equipment, we pride ourselves on carrying the top-quality machines and equipment that auto body shops and automotive service businesses need. Our wheel alignment machines are designed for precision and accuracy as well as reliability and durability. They may not be the cheapest wheel alignment products you’ll find on the market, but we’ve tried those and they just don’t cut it.

Invest in quality wheel alignment equipment and be sure that you’re giving your customers an alignment that’s within OEM specs. This helps ensure their safety and confidence on the road.

Computer Controlled for Accuracy

Our powerful computer-controlled alignment machines give real-time readings for live adjustment. You can track the movements and angles of all four wheels at the same time for a dynamic and complete visualization of the vehicle. As you adjust each wheel, you can see the results on the screen and can be sure that when you're done, all four wheels are aligned perfectly. There's no guesswork or approximation when you invest in our wheel alignment service equipment. You can reduce your re-work and correction adjustment time to zero.

That kind of accuracy used to only be available in factory dealerships and service centers. Now every auto body garage, mechanic shop and auto repair facility can offer accurate wheel alignment services. The on-screen display is easy to understand and can quickly be learned by automotive technicians. Our wheel alignment machine can be used with most alignment lifts, alignment stands and chassis machines, so you don’t have to replace anything. Simply add this sophisticated piece of equipment and start nailing your wheel alignments every time!

Available Turntables

If you’re looking to fully equip your garage or facility for wheel alignments, you will also want to purchase wheel turntables (or turnplates) if you don’t already have them. Turnplates mount to your frame equipment and allow you to make minute adjustments according to the live info from your wheel alignment equipment while the wheels are on the machine.

This allows you to fine-tune your alignments and ensure your vehicle is ready to go. Like our wheel balancing machine and software, our turnplates are compatible with most alignment lifts, stands and systems, so it’s easy to upgrade and offer full wheel alignment services.

Reap the Benefits

Your customers will quickly see the benefits of having their vehicles properly aligned. On top of the performance mentioned above, a proper wheel alignment also uses less fuel. That's because the wheels aren't scrubbing, which lowers friction and allows your vehicle to run more efficiently. More and more auto body repair garages and vehicle service facilities are adding wheel alignment capabilities to their list of services, so invest today and make sure you're recognized as a leader.

North American Auto Equipment is a family-owned and operated business. We have the experience and passion to help you choose the right automotive equipment for your business. Browse our online catalog and check out the specifications on our wheel alignment machine. You can request more information online or simply give us a call and we’ll take the time to answer your questions. We’ll explain more about the advanced software and precision controls of our wheel alignment equipment and help you make the right choice for your business.

To make your choice easier, we only carry top-quality equipment that has been proven to work. Our customers want value, performance and reliability, which is why we work with the best names in the business. Check out our Cemb computer wheel alignment system, which works for all types of passenger vehicles, including cars, trucks and SUVs. We can also tell you about our financing and shipping options, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help!