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Alignment Lifts for Cars and Trucks

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12ASL 12,000 Lbs. Capacity Commercial Grade Alignment Scissor Lift Atlas® 12AWFSL 12,000 Lbs. Capacity Alignment Scissor Lift with Wheels-Free System Atlas Platinum PVL-14 ALI Certified 14,000 Lb. Capacity Commercial Grade 4 Post Lift

Quality workmanship, ease of operation, straight forward installation instructions, a durable powder coat finish and the lowest prices in the Industry makes the Atlas® 12ASL 12,000 alignment scissor lift the perfect choice for the demanding and discriminating shop owner.

Worried about bay space? An Atlas Alignment System allows the customer to utilize a minimum amount of space and still be able to align the smallest foreign car all the way up to a one ton dual rear wheel pickup truck.

Please call for a freight quote to a Business or Freight Terminal location. $100.00 warehouse & product handling fee applies to all shipments and pick ups. Call today! 866-607-4022.


The Atlas® alignment lift has a lifting height of over seven feet so that it may be floor mounted or recessed if the customer decides on a flush mount installation. The full frame under the scissor lift provides for maximum stability.

All Atlas® alignment scissor lifts can be surface mounted or flush mounted. Each lift comes with approach ramps for the floor mounted application or an optional set of ramps if the customer decides to flush mount the lift. Check the technical specifications to better understand how the extra high lifting height allows the Atlas® 12K alignment scissor to be flush mounted and still offer plenty of room under the runways to properly access the underside of the vehicle.

The extra long 53" long approach ramps make it easy to load low riding vehicles.

Please call for a freight quote to a Business or Freight Terminal location. $100.00 warehouse & product handling fee applies to all shipments and pick ups. Call today! 866-607-4022.

The Atlas Platinum PVL-14 is a four (4) post commercial grade, heavy-duty lift designed with the professional shop in mind. This lift can accommodate a variety of cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and even some light & medium duty commercial vehicles. The PVL-14 is also ALI CERTIFIED and backed by one of the industry’s best warranties for an added peace of mind. This lift comes with our 5 year structural warranty and 2 year hydraulic warranty and features our double lock safety system.

Please call for a freight quote to a Business or Freight Terminal location. $100.00 warehouse & product handling fee applies to all shipments and pick ups. Call today! 866-607-4022.
Atlas Platinum PVL14KOF-EXT Open Front 4 Post Certified Alignment Lift Atlas® 414A 14,000 Lbs. Commercial Grade 4 Post Alignment Lift CEMB DWA1000XL Computer Wheel Alignment System - for Cars and Light Trucks

The Atlas Platinum PVL14KOF-EXT is a four (4) commercial grade open front alignment lift is built for years of dependable service for the busiest of automotive shops. The longer runway length can accommodate those customers who have the “Camera Tower Alignment System” and are required to “rollback” long wheel base vehicles. In addition, the PVL14KOF-EXT has no crossbeam in the front of the lift making all the under-car operations even easier!

Price Includes freight to a Business or Freight Terminal in the lower 48 States. $100.00 warehouse & product handling fee applies to all shipments and pick ups. Call today! 866-607-4022.

The Atlas® 414A 14,000 pound capacity four post lifts are designed and built to commercial grade standards and will provide many years of service. Our Atlas® alignment lifts offer many exclusive features not found on many other competitor's lifts. Each Atlas® 414A alignment lift includes a set of front turntables The turntables can be set in different positions on the runway to accommodate a wide variety of wheelbases. There is also a FREE air line kit ($300 value) included when you purchase the “combo package” (2-rolling jacks). The slip plates are built into the runways and are level with the front turntables. There are included metal cover plates (that cover the cut-outs for the turntables) so that the vehicle is not sitting on the turntable if the lift is not being used for alignment.

Please call for a freight quote to a Business or Freight Terminal location. $100.00 warehouse & product handling fee applies to all shipments and pick ups. Call today! 866-607-4022.

CEMB DWA1000XL CCD Wireless Sensor Wheel Aligner

CEMB's DWA1000XL total vehicle wheel alignment machine improves safety as it provides the alignment technician with an accurate mufti-dimensional measurement device that gives live wheel alignment readings ensuring that the the vehicles tires are making proper contact with the road which reduces fuel consumption and tire wear. This computer alignment system is simple to use and affordable to own.

This affordable and economical wheel alignment system can be used with most alignment lifts, alignment stands and chassis machines.
THE NEW 3D-HD TECHNOLOGY WHEEL ALIGNMENT SYSTEM WITH AUTOMATIC CAMERA BEAM Turnplates also known as Turntables for an Alignment Lift (Set of 2)

DWA3500 is the new 3D wheel alignment system for cars and light commercial vehicles, with a completely redesigned cabinet with drawers and housings for printer and accessories, easy accessibility for maintenance and an advanced software. It comes standard with a 24″ monitor. Monitor upgrades available upon request. Please contact our service department for more information.
Turnplates also known as Turntables for an Alignment Lift (Set of 2)

Auto Garage Alignment Lifts

After a vehicle is in an accident, proper alignment is critical to ensure it is put back on the road in a safe and reliable manner. Any misalignment can cause issues with tire wear, breaking, suspension and long-term durability of a vehicle. In severe cases, a lack of alignment can result in a vehicle failing a safety test. To ensure the vehicles leaving your auto body garage are aligned correctly, it’s important to equip your facility with a professional alignment auto lift.

Here at North American Auto Equipment, we specialize in top-quality lifts for professional auto garages. Our alignment lifts are used in garages across the country every day and are key in offering value to your customers. Thanks to the sturdy construction, reliable electronics and hydraulics and easy-to-use controls and lift arms, our lifts are a welcome addition to any garage. Thanks to our years of experience, you also benefit from our knowledge, meaning we can help identify the perfect auto lift for your vehicle repair needs!

Types of Lifts

To give you more choice, we have a broad catalog that covers many different types of auto lifts. You don’t have to settle for an alignment lift that isn’t perfectly suited to the range of vehicles your repair. Consider lifts such as:

  • Commercial car and truck lifts: We have lifts that can accommodate all types and sizes of vehicles, with ratings of 10,000 lbs and more
  • Universal alignment lifts: These lifts are flexible enough to accommodate different vehicle sizes for accurate alignment and repair results
  • Alignment scissor lifts: Scissor lifts can be installed below the surface of your garage floor, saving space when not in use yet readily available at the push of a button
  • Wheels-free lifts: Choose this flexible type of lift if you need to do frame and chassis alignment with the wheels off of the vehicle

With so many different types of auto lifts available for your alignment needs, we know that we have a lift that suits your business. You can click on each lift and learn more about the details and specifications or contact us for more information. One of our friendly and helpful team members will answer your questions and help you choose the right lift.

Lift Accessories

On top of our excellent selection of auto garage alignment lifts available here at North American Auto Equipment, we also have a whole host of options and accessories to go with them. Choose from useful accessories like:

  • Extended ramps for low-riding vehicles with little ground clearance
  • Flush-mounted scissor lifts for less intrusion into your workspace
  • Turnplates or (turntables) for installation on your auto lift
  • Precision computer-controlled wheel alignment systems

Think of North American Auto Equipment as your ‘one-stop’ location for all of your auto lift equipment needs. We’re proud of our reputation as a leader and offer top-notch customer service. Unlike larger companies that simply sell you equipment they never see, we have our own warehouse and handle our own stock. This means we understand the products we are selling you and can give you meaningful information and advice before you place your order.

We also pride ourselves on our customer service and will take the time to understand your needs and expectations. You won’t find a more dedicated partner for your alignment auto lift purchase, so start browsing now, and let us know how we can help!

Products That Last

An alignment lift for your garage is a big investment. Instead of pushing you to order, we will make sure you’ve chosen the machine that suits your garage and the types of vehicles you align. If you’re handling small passenger cars, you will not need the same alignment lift as you will if you are aligning tractors, large trucks and buses, for example.

No matter which lift you choose, when you buy from us, you’re getting a top-quality auto lift that’s built to last. The frame, lift arms and hydraulics are sturdy and robust, while the precision measuring and alignment systems are designed to give accurate results every time. You will only find professional-caliber equipment here at North American Auto Equipment, so rest assured — the lift you purchase today will give you years of reliable service!

Why not start browsing our alignment auto lifts now? We can also tell you about our competitive financing and shipping options. Find out today how working with a market leader can make it easy to find the perfect lift.