The Best Car Lifts for a Home Garage

The ultimate for a car repair enthusiast is a home garage car lift. Being able to get your car up off the ground for wheel, body, engine or undercarriage work is a big timesaver and makes it easier on you. Instead of crawling around on your knees or straining your back, you can hoist your vehicle to the perfect position and work at a comfortable height.

Do you have a home car lift that you’re not satisfied with or which needs replacement? Are you looking to renovate your garage and install a home garage auto lift for the first time? Are you planning to build a new garage and want to include a handy lift from the get-go?

In all cases, our team here at North American Auto Equipment has the best lifts available for home installation. They come in a range of types, sizes and load ratings so you can choose the model that best suits your available space and vehicle lift needs. Before you get started, make note of a few details that will help us guide you in your choice:

  • The size of your garage and the floor space and height under the ceiling: Be careful to take into account the height left with your garage door open — if you have a car up on a lift, you may not be able to open your garage door.
  • The space and location available to use your lift: If you have enough space, you may plan for a permanent installation. If you're tight for space, you may opt for a portable model that can be moved when you aren't using it.
  • Your budget: A quality auto lift will give you reliable service and last longer than a cheaper model. You also benefit from smoother operation and increased safety. If your budget is tight, a portable lift can be an affordable option.
  • The weight of the vehicles you plan to lift: Your choice in auto lift needs to take into consideration the weight of the vehicles you will be lifting. Don’t get caught with a vehicle that’s too heavy for your home garage lift.

With this information, you’re prepared to choose the best type of auto lift for use in your home shop or garage. Consider the following popular models available here at North American Auto Equipment:

Two-Post Lifts

Two-posts lifts are permanently installed in your garage. They bolt to a cement floor and offer a great combination of high load rating, minimal footprint and proven reliability.

Many professional garages use our two-post lifts because of these great features. Compared to four-post lifts, which are better-suited to large garages with ample space to move around, two-post lifts can be installed in home garages where four-post lifts won’t fit.

We carry three types of two-post lifts, each with their own advantages:

  • Two-post baseplate auto lifts feature one post on each side of the vehicle and a thin baseplate connecting the posts at ground level. If you need a flat floor for use with a transmission jack or other rolling equipment, the baseplate can be an obstruction, but the two-post baseplate auto lift is a great option if you don't have a lot of overhead space in your home garage or bay.
  • Two-post overhead auto lifts feature a robust design that routes the cables and hydraulics overhead to provide a flat floor without obstructions. They are available with a broad range of widths and load ratings. If you plan to lift tall vehicles (like work trucks or commercial vans), the overhead bar can reduce the maximum vehicle height allowed. You also require significant height in your garage for this type of lift.
  • Two-post freestanding lifts offer the greatest flexibility for small garage spaces. They combine a flat floor installation and lack of overhead bar. You can position the posts wherever you like in your garage space, meaning they’re suitable for odd-shaped garages and bays. Care has to be made for safely routing cables and hydraulics, since there isn’t a baseplate or overhead bar to hide them.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are a great option for your home garage when you’re doing bodywork or engine work. Their sturdy scissor design includes safety features that protect you if the hydraulics fail. A scissor lift installs directly to your garage floor and frees up space all around your vehicle, making it perfect for body restoration projects.

A scissor lift deploys under your vehicle, so this type of list is not suitable if you're planning on doing chassis work or removing a transmission, for example. When you're not using your lift, it folds relatively low on the floor but does present an obstacle that may not be convenient for you.

Four Post Lifts

While the four post lift is largest of the recommended lifts, it allows home mechanics and classic car owners to double the parking space in any garage. A four post car lift for a home garage can turn a single car garage into a 2 car garage, and 2 car garage into a 4 car garage!

Adding a four post car lift to your home garage also allows you to take better care of your classic car especially during the colder months. By using a 4 post lift, you can keep your car off the cold and often frozen ground, extending the life of your collectable and rare car.

Portable Lifts

If you won’t be lifting a vehicle in your home garage on a frequent basis, or have limited space to dedicate to a lift, a portable auto lift is your best choice. We carry a range of powerful portable lifts that can be wheeled into place when you need them and stored out of way when you’re done with them.

A scissor lift has the advantage of being easy to install on any flat floor. Unlike post lifts, which require a solid cement floor for installation, a portable lift can be positioned on just about any flat floor. A portable lift is also easy to move to a new location if you change houses or build a new garage, since they’re meant to be transported.

Help Choosing Your Home Garage Auto Lift

With so many options available to you, you may want more advice before making your choice. We invite you to contact our team here at North American Auto Equipment and tell us what you’re looking for. We can answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction for the most convenient and practical home auto lift that’s adapted to your needs and your space.

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