Ultimate Buyer Guide: Best Motorcycle Lifts

Ultimate Buyer Guide: Best Motorcycle Lifts

When you need to conduct regular maintenance on your motorcycle, it can be tricky to reach every nook and cranny while your bike is on the ground. Instead of hassling with making repairs with no support, rely on a motorcycle jack lift. It raises your bike from its resting height and elevates it so you can work on your motorcycle from any angle. While some are designed for particular makes and models, most can accommodate any engine.

The Best Motorcycle Lifts

Choosing the best motorcycle lift can be hard, which is why North American Auto Equipment has an inventory of lifts to support your various requirements. Our solutions allow you to jack up your bike to appropriate heights. However, it’s vital you don’t overload the weight capacity. Always use the proper lifting points to ensure the jack is stable. Bike lifts have sections to hold your motorcycle and prevent it from rolling or tilting.

They have a platform, a wheeled foundation and a power system to help you get the job done fast and right the first time. Lifts help you remove tires, change oil, reach difficult places and conduct other necessary checks. They even allow you to store a bike long-term without leaving excessive weight on the tires.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Lifts

  1. Atlas HT-ACL Motorcycle Lift: The Atlas® Cycle Lift has one of the industry's longest (standard) platforms to accommodate the extra long motorcycles. The motorcycle lift has a heavy gauge (diamond plated) platform length of 93 inches and an additional 20 inch removable approach ramp.
  2. Atlas Motorcycle Pneumatic Portable Lift: The Atlas® HT-ACL Motorcycle Lift is an air powered lift table that is ideal for making repairs to motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, jet skis and more. The 1,000 lb. capacity, extra large platform brings all your jobs to a comfortable 31" (highest locking position) working height.
  3. Atlas HT-ACL XTL Motorcycle Lift: The Atlas® HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT ATV and golf cart air operated lift is the Atlas HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT that has been equipped with the Atlas® HT-ACL Cycle Lift XLT kit.
  4. Atlas XLT Motorcycle Lift: When the Atlas® Cycle Lift XLT is attached (this takes about three minutes), to the Atlas® Cycle Lift, the lift is transformed into the Atlas® Cycle Lift XLT.

What Are Two-Post Lifts?

Our motorcycle lift buyer guide also teaches you about two-post lifts that you can use for your bike. They have two even sections that support the weight of a vehicle. The amount of weight it supports depends on the width of the posts that work in tandem to lift cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs or other vehicles off the ground. You can invest in a scissor or hydraulic lift, but if you want to ensure an even reach, choose a hydraulic two-post lift. Two-posts deliver incredible strength and stability when lowering and raising a motorcycle.

Two types of double-post lifts exist: baseplate and overhead. They both have lift arms that attach to supports that move alongside the posts. You can extend the arms to ensure safety for balance. While both offer the same function, the difference is how the vehicles connect to them.

A baseplate lift is where a plate joins the columns along the bottom, resembling a massive fish tank structure. Installation requires easy steps involving a flat and sturdy floor to bolt the lift. An advantage of a baseplate is that it frees up any overhead space and has no top component. A drawback is how it can get in the way of transmission work.

An overhead two-post lift is a device where a piece connects the sections at the top. It’s more stable because of its overhead arch. It also delivers natural stability compared to baseplates that can cave inward because of extreme weight. A benefit of an overhead is that it frees up space below to help you perform other jobs.

Other Types of Lift Factors

Another motorcycle lift variance you should consider is a symmetric vs. asymmetric system. A symmetric device has two identical arms in the front and back, which makes it suitable for long vehicles. An asymmetrical lift uses different arms, giving you access to doors when needed. For motorcycles, you can adjust the dimensions of a symmetrical device to fit your bike.

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