Exploring the Difference Between the Universalift 2 and MaxJax Lift

Exploring the Difference Between the Universalift 2 and MaxJax Lift

Every mechanic or car fanatic knows the importance of an effective auto lift. Without one, you'd spend all your time climbing underneath vehicles to perform routine maintenance and repairs. Auto lifts help you streamline operations, save space and improve safety in your residential or commercial garage.

While there's no doubt that an auto lift is a beneficial piece of equipment, deciding between a Universalift 2 and a MaxJax lift is a bigger question. A vehicle lift is an investment, so you want to carefully consider your options before making a decision. Comparing models' lift speeds, load capacities and lift heights are important factors to review. In addition, you need to evaluate the vehicle lift's approximate life span and warranty.

By considering the features and benefits of the Universalift 2 and MaxJax lift, you can make an informed choice and a solid investment.

Overview of the Universalift 2

As the tallest two-post portable car lift available, the Universalift 2 is a pioneering piece of garage equipment. It's a popular choice for garage owners who need to move their auto lifts frequently.

The main specifications of this model include:

  • Lift speed: The Universalift 2 functions with 110 volts, enabling you to lift most types of vehicles in seconds.
  • Lift capacity: This model has a 7,000-pound lift capacity, allowing garage owners to work on a wide variety of cars.
  • Lift height: With a lift height of 100 inches, the Universalift 2 fits comfortably in most garages and service bays.

Some other features of the Universalift 2 to note include:

  • Easy installation allows your team to assemble this model in approximately 30 minutes.
  • A quick breakdown time of 10 minutes enables you to store and transport the lift unassisted.
  • A manual two-side lock release system makes placing the car lift a breeze.
  • Intuitive controls streamline operations.
  • Reliable structural parts provide an additional layer of stability, ensuring peak operating performance.
  • A mobile power unit trolley provides easy lift maneuverability.

Overview of the MaxJax Lift

The MaxJax vehicle lift has a compact design for easy storage and portability.

Here are the main specifications to consider:

  • Lift speed: This model boasts hydraulic cylinders with integrated velocity-fuse safety valves for a quick lift speed of 45 seconds.
  • Lift capacity: With a lift capacity of 7,000 pounds, the MaxJax Lift can raise a wide range of vehicles.
  • Lift height: The MaxJax lift has a height of 4 feet, allowing you to access the underbody of a vehicle while operating safely in garages with low ceilings.

Check out some additional features of this model:

  • A gear-type flow divider offers precise distribution of hydraulic pressure, ensuring equalized lifting.
  • Safety lock bars raise up to three times as much of the specified lifting capacity.
  • Automatic arm restraints supply added safety each time your team uses the lift.
  • The MaxJax life offers seven lock positions for increased safety on the worksite.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Lift

As an auto lift is a significant investment, it's worthwhile to consider all equipment aspects before making a purchase. Here are some important factors to review:

Height of Your Ceiling

There's no doubt that a bigger lift is more useful, as it will allow you to work on heavier vehicles. However, it's important to measure the length between the floor and ceiling before purchasing a lift.

The average height of a garage is between 7 and 8 feet, so you should be able to easily accommodate both models. Commercial garages are generally larger, making height less of an issue in your purchasing decisions.

Available Floor Space

Aside from the floor-to-ceiling measurements, you need to determine the size of your floor space. The bigger the lift, the more space it will occupy in your garage, making this an important factor to consider.

Your Budget

While it's tempting to go for a more affordable model, bear in mind that an auto lift is an investment that will pay off over time. Most auto lifts last decades, enabling you to gain a valuable return on investment or a high resale value if you decide to sell the equipment.

Your Needs

If you're looking to maintain your personal fleet from time to time, a smaller auto lift will suffice. In comparison, if you're in the business of bodywork and car repairs, you'll want to maximize your efficiency. A more powerful vehicle lift will help you achieve your business goals and keep your customers satisfied with faster service.

In addition, the popularity of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles means that cars need additional calibrations. With ADAS, drivers can make use of forward collision warning, lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking for safer driving. These advancements can ensure greater safety on the roads, but these features must be tested regularly to ensure positive results.

To perform these tests, teams need to keep the vehicle level and have sufficient space. A sturdy auto lift can help you tick these boxes to offer ultimate accuracy during calibration.

Health and Safety Regulations

While it's always important to be safety-conscious, this is less of a concern in a home garage. Commercial garages will have to comply with relevant safety protocols to ensure the well-being of employees. This may mean investing in a larger auto lift to ensure optimal stability. Research the health and safety requirements in your state before making a purchase.

Ease of Setup and Breakdown

If you run a commercial garage, you'll likely have the space to permanently set up your vehicle lift. This is not always an option for residential garage owners. Vehicle lifts take up a sizable section of floor space, obstructing your path when not in use. Choosing a lift with a quick setup and breakdown time helps you maximize your space, as you can assemble and dismantle your lift when needed.

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While the Universalift 2 and MaxJax lift are both excellent products, the Universalift model offers a higher load capacity, quicker lift speed and increased lift height. These are important considerations, as these features enable you to work on a wider range of vehicles with more efficiency.

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