Car Storage Lifts vs. Garage Expansion

Car Storage Lifts vs. Garage Expansion

A one-car garage is for a single vehicle, a two-car space is for two, a three is for three, and so and so on, right? However, it’s not always the case! If your garage is overcrowded with clutter or you can only park one vehicle in at a time, it’s time to make some changes. But should you go for a storage lift or a bigger garage?

Your initial thought may be to expand the one piece of your house, but if you invest in a four-post car lift, you can double the available parking space without a massive renovation. It’s a practical solution that saves time and money. While expansion may be necessary for some scenarios, you can upgrade the functionality of your space by relying on the convenient and affordable lifts offered at North American Auto Equipment.

How to Maximize Garage Space

A four-post car lift gives you the ability to elevate a vehicle upward to optimize your garage space. It uses a hydraulic system to take the utmost advantage of the vertical space. When you lift one car, you can park a second vehicle underneath.

But why rely on a lift compared to a full renovation? For starters, renovating will result in higher costs and includes complicated logistics and planning. You’ll also end up with less yard space and live with an extended construction zone in your yard for several weeks or months — and rebuilding is a more significant commitment.

Knocking down walls and rebuilding may be a good idea if your collection of cars is growing by the year, but for the average car owner, an auto storage lift makes more sense in the long run. They take less time to install, cost less money and are more convenient during the constructing process. Lifts use the space you already have as opposed to creating a new area, making it efficient.

Advantages of a Four-Post Automobile Lift

What’s excellent about lift equipment is that you can use it to store more than a vehicle, such as:

  • Bicycles
  • Boating Equipment
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles

While some may require attachments, you can store dozens of various items. A car lift is also ideal for maintenance and repairs if you’re a DIY mechanic, allowing you to stand or sit under your car while working on the suspension, transmission, alignment or other components. Make sure to buy one that’s ALI certified, too. The lifts protect your truck or car from the elements and other potential threats as opposed to sitting in a driveway. They are also more cost-effective and convenient compared to storage units.

We Have What You Need

Check out our inventory of four-post car lifts to expand the space in your garage. We are ready to partner with you and help you find the best solution for your situation. Contact us online for further information and the experts at North American Auto Equipment will help you realize the full potential of your garage.