5 Advantages of Using Air-Powered Tools

5 Advantages of Using Air-Powered Tools

Air tools, a.k.a. power pneumatic tools, are an ideal solution to use in industries across the board. From using air-powered equipment for industrial purposes like conveyor belts, plastic manufacturing, or pharmaceutical production to personal use like inflating tires, painting cars, and supporting a variety of other jobs, air tool benefits outweigh the initial upfront cost of an air compressor.

Advantages of Air-Powered Tools

Pneumatic tools perform dozens of operations, enhance user safety, deliver consistent power, are more efficient, and are also reliable solutions. If you run your machines for long periods of time, air tools are your best bet.

Although you’ll need to invest in an air compressor, it will support you in the long run. The type of compressor you get depends on the cubic feet per minute and pounds per square inch related to your task. Take time to analyze what you need, match it to your application and buy one that exceeds the CFM of the most powerful tool you have.

Tools use the power from air compressors to perform hundreds of jobs and provide benefits such as:

  1. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

Pneumatic tools offer a better power to weight ratio, meaning the machines have more horsepower and are lighter in a smaller machine compared to electronic devices. Air tools are lighter because they don’t have motors, which is ideal for workers who use tools for extended periods. Anywhere from grinders, sanders, sandblasters, and spray guns, you’ll experience less muscle fatigue and have more control over the system when it comes to gripping and pivoting.

  1. Simpler Construction

Air-powered tools experience fewer breakdowns, which results in a longer life. You can operate hundreds of devices that are simple to hook up. If you need a nail gun one minute and a sander the next, you can switch them out with ease. Low malfunctioning rates also mean they are simple to maintain.

  1. A Reliable Source of Power

Nothing is worse than working with shaky tools that work here and there. Pneumatic solutions using air compressors provide increased power potential, making them dependable for continuous use. Less breaking and repairs mean less downtime and a lower cost of maintenance. Air tools are the most cost-effective if you use them for daily operations.

  1. Versatile for Any Task

Air tools can adapt to different applications, even with no electricity to run a compressor. They are unmatched sources compared to other tools like gas, natural gas, and electricity. You use an electric hookup or compressed air tanks with the ability to also adjust the pressure as needed. Disconnect and connect different tools for a variety of jobs to increase efficiency.

  1. Safe Power Solution

You can work with air-powered tools in many environments. They are perfect for conditions that may experience hazards, such as mines, energy industries, wet conditions, and explosive materials. They don’t overheat and have no risk of electric shocks.

Air Tools vs. Electric Tools and Hydraulic

Electrical tools have advanced cordless options and incredible battery power, but pneumatic tools are more popular in a professional setting like woodworking, auto and manufacturing. Compared to electrical and hydraulic options, air tools are more cost-effective in the long-run and are flexible for various applications. They require less maintenance, deliver more safety advances and are lightweight. As opposed to hydraulics, which can exert more power for heavy operations, pneumatic tools are clean and dry systems.

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