Must-Need Tools & Equipment for Any Auto Body Garage

There are some tools you simply can’t live without when you run an auto body garage. These are the tools and equipment you use every day for a wide range of jobs or those specific tools that save you a huge amount of time. Here at North American Auto Equipment, we’re not just a supplier of professional auto body tools. We’re an experienced family owned and operated business that knows the ins and outs of the auto body business and the challenges you meet.

We've put together this list of tools for auto body shops that should be at the very top of your own list. At North American Auto Equipment, you'll only find quality tools that deliver performance, durability and value. We would rather send you to another supplier than sell you a tool that won't deliver what you're looking for because our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Check out our list and see if you have everything you need to cover the basics and keep your auto body garage humming along.

Must-Have Tools

If you are already in the auto business, most of this won’t be a surprise to you. There are pieces of professional auto body equipment you use every day and can’t live without. They include these common and practical items:

  • Air compressors: Whether it’s a built-in air compressor system supplying plumbed air throughout your facility or a portable unit you can take wherever you need air, an air compressor is an absolute must for any auto body shop. Choose a quality unit that delivers enough air for all of your equipment. Remember to take into account compressed air need for multiple tools at a time as well. An undersized air compressor may not be able to handle your maximum air needs if you fire up a few tools at the same time.
  • Auto lifts: More than one auto body shop has started out thinking a hydraulic jack and stands are enough. Let us save you the hassle — they aren’t enough! Even the smallest auto body shop can benefit from an auto lift , either low rise or 2-post. Having the ability to position a vehicle at working height saves a lot of unnecessary bending, crouching and effort, and your technicians and mechanics will be much more efficient. We carry a wide range of lifts to accommodate different sizes and weight of vehicles.
  • Frame machines: Perfect alignment after an accident is extremely important. Improper straightening of a frame can cause uneven tire wear, drivetrain issues and even cause handling and suspension problems. A professional auto body frame machine allows you to pull a frame back to square and guarantee frame alignment at all critical points. We can help you decide which frame machine suits your business and ensure you're choosing the equipment that will give you the best return on your investment.
  • Painting booths: After all the work you put into repairing your vehicles, it would be a shame to deliver a less-than-perfect finish. A quality paint booth goes a long way to helping you keep dirt and imperfections off of your car. Choose a paint booth that includes the space, lighting, ventilation and filtration that meet your needs and give you a spotless finish that respects both the health and well-being of your painters as well as the environment.
  • Disc sander: Even a simple disc sander has tons of uses. Depending on the grit you choose, it can be used to remove and shape rough body filler or fine sand for painting. You can even purchase polishing and buffing wheels to give your finished vehicle the perfect shine on paint or chrome. Select the model that has the power you need. An undersized, underpowered disc sander will cause frustration and make you wish you had opted for a larger model to save time and effort.

While the type of auto body work you do will dictate the tools you need, these basics will get you started and help you deliver top-quality results on all of your vehicle repairs and refinishes.

Shop Online, Financing Available

You can find all of these essential auto body garage tools and much more right here! At North American Auto Equipment, our website is our catalog. You can browse our tools and equipment and find everything you need to equip your garage like a professional. We’re proud of our quality selection of tools and equipment and can guide you in your selection.

Start by browsing our catalog and let us know what interests you. Our experienced team will help match your auto body needs with the right equipment and help you place your order. We can even offer financing so that you don’t have to lay out all the cash upfront . North American Auto Equipment has been helping businesses all across the country equip their auto body garages for success. Find out how we can help you.

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