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Heatwave Model 350 Waste Oil Fired Heater
Heatwave Waste Oil Heater - Model 350
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"Don't be fooled by creative marketing!" High Volume Waste Oil Heaters with Pressure Fans, will not even come close to the heat that can be obtained by Heavy Industrial - Ductable Heat Exchangers. High volume - Direct dump, heat exchangers, claim to "Fill your shop with warm air faster". Nonsense. The fact is a simple and an undeniable reality: If you have all of your heat being dumped into one area of the shop, the heater could run longer than a Heatwave-Ductable unit, making the claim that "The Omni gets more heat out of every gallon of oil", a completely false statement. If you go to Omni's website you will see nothing but a biased comparison that sheds the best light on the Omni. They Insult companies that have sold thousands upon thousands more product than the, what we consider to be, Over-Priced Omni. The truth is that the Omni is the weakest and most price inflated product in the Waste Oil Heater Industry. We've isolated Omni as our #1 competitor for many reasons, but the number one reason we've decided to go head to head with them, is the fact that we live in New England and we've used both products. That's right, every week I spend time in a shop that utilizes our Heatwave 350. Prior to December 2012, I spent three winters in a 6,000 square foot shop heated by an Omni OWH-350, Bi-Directional Heater (The OMNI OWH-350 Bi-Directional does not have the UL Certification.) Since November of 2013 (This winter), I've been performing work in another 6,000 square foot shop,with 3 other mechanics. We've reached the unanimous conclusion that Omni cannot heat as well as the Heatwave Heater, In fact, the performance is not even close. Omni presents an emotional and well constructed case for their product, with that said, we would like the opportunity to prove the undeniable weaknesses of the Omni product. Our number one argument will stand on the fact that ductable heat and a super quiet squirrel cage blower benefits, will far out way the convoluted Omnified-electronic parts, that are completely unnecessary when burning waste oil. All waste oil heaters will burn synthetic waste oil. All waste oil heaters will burn gasoline mixed into the oil under 30%. (If the heater will burn #2 oil, it stands to reason that the #2 oil will be thinner than engine oil mixed with gasoline..) Rotary vane air compressors are not the best design for providing air to a waste oil heater, They are very expensive when you have a proprietary company like Omni, and its manufacturing agreements. They covenant Omni as the only one that can sell the compressors to you. Oh yes, I've tried buying the Boards and The Rotary Vane Air Compressors. The Compressor factories have an agreement with Omni, and you cannot bypass them. (We offer a solution that will provide more cfm and higher pressures if needed.) Each Omni Heater comes with over $400.00 worth of unnecessary circuit boards, and they sell them at full price after 1 year. You can bet that those boards are a profitable parts sale for them, once you are no longer under warranty. Omni Solenoid valves are great, the board tells them to open and close in sequence, so that a shot of air will blow all of the oil out of the pre-heater block, thereby preventing carbon. If any carbon appears in your pre-heater block, you can mail it to Omni, and they will clean it for you. When servicing the Omni, it is critical to clean the solenoids. WHAT THEY WON'T TELL YOU is that by the time you reach them all, you have the burner just about torn apart, so why not clean the pre-heater? You might as well if you are re-placing the electrodes, Right? Pre-heaters: they only carbon up when the system is not running, ie; off-season.. The Kagi Burner very seldom needs carbon maintenance, just kill the breaker for the summer. If any waste oil heater is running off of a thermostat, you will seldom develop "That stubborn carbon that Omni claims to be the end-all of Waste Oil Heater Failures". "It's a difficult chore cleaning everyone else's heaters" Nonsense. This is simply a scare tactic. Omni waste oil heaters loose vacuum when the Omni solenoid system is gummed up, and they do get gummed up. Omni will not admit this weakness. The trouble shooting guide tells you that you likely lost vacuum overnight, check fuel lines and connections. The truth is that there is no pressure at the nozzle and vacuum gets lost through the dirty solenoid switches. Omni has a testimonial video on their website, the customer is so happy with Omni versus all of the other brands that they've used. I'd argue that the testimonial is from a Salvage yard that is 10-15 Minutes away from the front door of the factory. I know that if we put one of our units into those big buildings, and ran a couple of inexpensive ducts, we could make these people much happier. As we move Forward, North American Auto Equipment will provide video testimonials, as well as maintenance and performance videos, to prove the Heatwave Heaters to be the front runner in waste oil heating. I've chosen the Heatwave line because it's 100% USA Made. Heatwave is the preferred choice in the Agricultural Market.

Heavier Heat Exchanger Benefit:
When the thermostat kicks down, the HW Heat Exchanger will cool much slower than the Omni. The slower pressure distributes heat more evenly and consistently as our HW Heat Exchanger cools. As heat exchangers cool, they continue to transfer heat into your duct work. Omni heaters are clearly not designed to handle the punishment of the Heatwave Units. The Heatwave Waste Oil Furnace offers simplicity and accessibility for easy care. The unit comes fully assembled and ready to set into place. The electrical, fuel source, and chimney installation are to be arranged after delivery. The hourly fuel usage is 2.75 gallons. The blower pushes air approx. 40-50 feet and creates a temperature rise of 70 degrees. (For the few that would not be wise enough to run a few ducts.) The unit will heat a up to an 8,000 sq. ft. shop at -10 degrees and hold a 65 degree indoor temperature. That’s a 75 Degree Maximum Temperature Differential. Our Heat Exchangers are thicker and designed to glow cherry red for heat retention, handle the proper high temperature needed for a slower pressurized squirrel cage blower, and cool down more slowly as we continue to deliver heat even after the flame is extinguished. Heavier heat exchangers with less air moving across, at slower pressure, cools slower and arguably delivers the same amount of heat over longer period of time. Not just while flame is firing. Being Duct-able really makes a difference for evenly distributing heat. Omni claims that you will get more heat out of every gallon of oil, this statement is simply not true, and there is no scientific evidence to to support this claim. Slowing the air down is part of the heat retention process and this is evident when a thermometer is used to measure air temperature at various distances from the device. Fast air or direct dumping air, without back pressure, will create cold air pockets in your shop.

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    Heatwave Model 350

    The 350 furnace is unique in its ability to be accessed easily for cleaning . The blower mounted on top, and equipped with an energy efficient motor, offers a 40% energy savings. Makes a small "Foot print" on the shop floor! Heat can be piped or used most preferably as a horizontal air heat source for large buildings 40'x80' in —10 to 65 degree interior temp. The unit will dispose of 2.75 gal of waste oil per hour. The annual maintenance is simple and requires cleaning of the fire box, disposing properly of any solid waste accumulations. Usually a light ash is all that remains.

    Our Heat Exchanger is the Heaviest in the Industry! Hot air passing through a heat exchanger will erode the steel over time, this makes having a heavier heat exchanger extremely important. Our heat exchanger can produce a 75 degree temperature rise for a full season, in addition to pressurizing ductwork for more evenly distributed heat. These benefits far out way the superficial benefits provided by noisy high-volume and faster cool exchangers like the Omni and others that rapid cool. Farms, Large Service Garages and Manufacturing Facilities will appreciate the Duct-ability and durable heat-exchanger that can handle the continuous cold weather firing capability that others are incapable of providing.
  • ELT Listed LogoHeatwave Waste Oil Heaters are ETL Listed.
  • All Models of Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters feature dependable Kagi Burners.
    siebring heatwave blower cover

    Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters offer many built-in safety features including mesh fan covers to protect fingers, safety disconnect, safety plug, and removable side panel for easy servicing.
    The used oil is stored in the 270 gal fuel tank / stand. The tank allows the furnace to be out of the way of flammable fumes and gives a work area for draining filters. The oil fill door is large enough to accommodate a pail of oil being emptied and provides an area to drain drip pans. The furnace auxiliary pump & motor is mounted on the uprights of the tank-furnace legs. The in-line filter above the tank has a 100 micron, stainless steel mesh, cleanable and reusable filter cartridge. The optional tank is equipped with a drain plug on each end where a drain valve can be installed to empty the water from beneath the oil without emptying the oil storage. The tank is baffled to reduce sloshing during fill and to add internal support to the tank structure. The tank is useable for the Heatwave models 150 & 250. All furnaces require a 20 PSI compressed air source for atomizing the warm used oil.

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