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Bison "Action 18" Turnkey-360 Tilt Rack Frame Machine
Bison "Action 18" Turnkey-360 Tilt Rack Frame Machine
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$500.00 Warehousing and Loading fee additional

Includes: Air Bag Jack, Tool Board, Tie Down Clamps (combination type Uni-Body Full frame), Roof Puller, rolling carts and dead legs.

Measuring Systems available but not included in this package.
Rolling Jack Bridges available but not included in this package.

Frame Machine shoppers in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio will receive more favorable rates due to the fact that the FR-160 is stocked in Texas near Fort Worth.

Frame Machines are in stock as of 6-4-2014.

Our Price: $10,495.00

Product Code: ACTION-18-TURNKEY

Description Technical Specs
FR-160 Frame Machine Manufactured In China and Labelled By Kernel, Distributed By Tuxedo.
Who sells More FR-160 Frame Machines than any other Dealer in the USA?
North American Auto Equipment, Inc.

Since Inception in 2011, and with 20 Machines in Service, North American Auto Equipment is the Number One FR-160 Provider in the United States.

Since 2002 Rick Nickerson has been one of the leading frame machine representatives in the United States, with over 300 Frame Machines sold or in service.
Today's frame machine buyer wants price and useful material capability to be pushed to the absolute limit, while putting the Frame machine Dealer on the Line for the warranty. North American American Auto Equipment has a product that will keep you up and running, performing heavy - technical pulls and getting it done for less.

Important disclosure to consider when shopping:
Most frame machine manufacturers request that the hooks, the clamps, and the bars, all have their own individual rating, and will not all be part of the 10 ton maximum pull. These rules apply to our marketing and warranty.

Beautiful Tool Board Included
(Not every single hook, chain and tool on the board is 10 ton rated, sheet metal hooks and clamps might be 2 ton or 6 ton)
Down Pull Attachment - Included
Roof Puller - Included
Combination Tie Downs - Included
Approach Ramps - Included
Rolling Carts - Included
Dead legs - Included
Air Back Jack - Included

2 Air Power Units

This could be $15,000 to $18,000.00 package elsewhere.

We offer a Nice Version of a Drive-Wedge, Tower Locking mechanism. This machine has been appraised by long time users and they all agree that it's built extremely rugged. (See photo gallery) This package is extremely useful and efficient as it utilizes, (2) 10 ton, Round Towers.

We like to promise power for real and factual pulls, we say 7-8-9 Ton rather than absolute, 10 ton rating. F-150 & 250 Frame Pulls are possible with this system without exceeding pressure rating.

Round towers are fast and efficient on an 18' Rack. Ideal for Car and Light Truck Frame Repair.

Please take a look at our photo gallery and feel free to call me with questions. Financing available and the application can be taken by telephone.

  • The FR-160 beats the Tools USA 18' in Looks and Strength - Double
  • Tram Measuring system my be purchased at additional cost.
  • In stock in Texas.
  • All of the Strength advertised by Chassis Liner - All day long Including: Hooks, Chains, Hydraulics, Towers, Jack and Bed.
  • Keywords: FR-160 Tuxedo, FR-160 Kernel, Bison-Action-18-360-turnkey.

Frame Machines in the United States and Expectations
Did anyone ever consider the fact that most of the vintage frame machines that are being used in the United States, Had price tags in the $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 range?

This Machine will work right along side the big name frame machines. Even the big names. With The High Magnese Steel, Drive Wedge -Tower Locking design, Double 12mm Upper and Lower Plate, 10 Ton Hydraulics and Tools as fine a quality as any big name, Our package for under $11,000.00 is a leading value.

For the Record, North American Auto Equipment is the top provider of the FR-160 Frame Machine. Since our first sale in 2011, we've steadily maintained as the leading provider of this product in the USA. People that are new to the Frame Machine business have recently started spamming the internet with advertisements for the FR-160. Most the of the companies that you speak with are trying to "Jump on Board" because you can sell anything on the internet.

The FR-160 has strong points as well as weak points; If you've never sold a frame machine how can you be sure that you are recommending the right

Rick Nickerson 866-604-4022 ext 101

Working capital Accounts
Short or Long Term Lease to Own

This product has been shipped all over the United States and Canada.

Chassis Liner frame machines are Made in China. Black-hawk Frame Machines are Made in China. Chief Frame Machines are Made in China.
Tools USA Frame machines are Made in China. This does not mean all of the listed competitors machines, this comment refers to the machines selling in our price range. Should another manufacturer be rewarded for implying that they are American Made when in Fact they are imported from the same country?

The FR-160 will require a set of extended tubes to do an F-250 That has wheels on it.
Remove the surviving wheels and the entire truck will drop into our stock full frame anchoring clamps.

  • •Handles all types of collision repair
  • •Twin ten ton pull towers with telescoping tower heads
  • •True 360 degree capabilities
  • •Universal anchoring system with adjustable working heights
  • •Unique deck design for unlimited accessory positioning
  • •Drive on ramps
  • •Complete tool board

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