How to Choose the Right Alignment Lift for Your Shop

How to Choose the Right Alignment Lift for Your Shop

Investing in machines and equipment for your garage is a vital component when improving the abilities of your company. Some purchases are quick and easy, but when it comes to choosing an alignment lift, you must consider several aspects, ranging from software to safety features. Buying the best alignment lift is an essential decision for the efficiency and safety of your auto shop.

A Quick Alignment Lift Guide

There are many wheel alignment machines available, but the one you choose should depend on your application, space and budget. Several factors you should ask yourself and think about include the following:

  • The wheelbase and the weight capacity of the lift
  • Does the lift brand also manufacture alignment instrumentation?
  • Mass of the alignment lift — heavier-built machines are the strongest and most durable
  • How heavy is the device?
  • Different technology traits of the auto lift — extra features can drive efficiency and productivity with increased accuracy
  • What type of jack does it have?
  • The durability of the jack — look at the maximum lifting height, reach, durability and safety
  • What’s the reputation of the manufacturer?
  • Is the wheel alignment lift ALI certified with mechanical and electrical qualifications?
  • Does the manufacturer offer support and service, such as repairs and adjustments?
  • Consider the footprint of the machine and compare it to the available space in your shop

The Best Wheel Alignment Machine for Your Garage

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what you should be thinking about before buying an alignment lift. Does the machine have an OBD2 interface? Many modern vehicles have advanced driver assistance systems such as anti-lock brakes, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and traction control. However, wheel alignment adjustments can often affect the operations, so you should consider a solution that meets the safety requirements, and that doesn’t make you reset the system.

What about vehicle protection features? Will the machine protect the car’s wheels and other components from damage? Can it handle the various makes and models of vehicles that come through your garage? Can it reference the adjustable and stable vehicle surface, like the wheel?

Does the machine offer training? While an experienced technician may feel they know everything, knowing the adjustments for unfamiliar cars will save time. Some advanced machines even provide on-board animations and videos for extra support.

Does the wheel alignment machine have modern tools and software? Common adjustments like toe, camber and caster are vital, but tools and technology can make it easier and more accurate while reducing the effort required by operators. Other considerations include:

  • Is the wheel aligning machine efficient?
  • How long does it take for accurate measurements and completed alignments to finish?
  • Is the device tested and approved to ensure it can measure vehicles to an appropriate accuracy level?
  • Can you upgrade the aligner?
  • Will it provide ROI?

Trust North American Auto Equipment for Your Wheel Alignment Needs

Browse our various alignment lifts for cars and trucks or contact us for additional support. We partner with you to help you determine which solution is ideal for your auto shop and which will deliver the best results. We are a hands-on business that serves the needs of our clients with unbiased support and after-purchase service.

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