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Tire Changers

Our quality import line of Tire Changers are hand selected for Reliability, Ease of Use, Performance and Quality.

For those high end auto repair shops looking for performance to compete with Hunter and Coats
Our Italian Made Cemb Tire Changers are your perfect choice!

Tire Changer Demonstration Video
Tire Changer Demonstration Video

Our NorTech line of Tire Changers and our Premium line of chinese Tire Machines come from the finest suppliers that china has to offer. In our search there were many lower priced units; our decision to offer these models was based upon the popularity and wide distribution of these models for long term parts availability to our customers.
Made in China (Light and Medium Duty)

TC400 Motorcycle Tire Changer
TC400 Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine
TC430 Economical Tire Changer
TC430 Economical Tire Changer Machine
TC4601 Car Tire Changer
TC4601 Car Tire Changer
TC530 Rim Grip Tire Changer
TC530 Rim Clamp Tire Changer
TC950 Tire Changer
TC950 Tire Changer Machine
TC960 High Performance
Assist Arm Tire Changer
TC960 High Performance Assist Arm Tire Changer Machine
TC9101 Tire Changer
TC9101 Tire Changer
TC9501 Single Assist Arm Tire Changer
TC9501 Single Assist Arm Tire Changer
TC9801 Dual Assist Arm Tire Changer
TC9801 Dual Assist Arm Tire Changer
NTC900 Automatic Tire Changer TC980 High Performance
Dual Assist Arm Tire Changer
TC980 High Performance Dual Assist Arm Tire Changer Machine
TC660 High Performance
Tire Changer
TC980 High Performance Dual Assist Arm Tire Changer Machine
TC950-WPA High Performance Tire Changer with Press Arm
TC1000 High Performance Tire Changer



Max. Wheel Diameter 64.5"
Max. Wheel Width 31.5"
Inside clamping 14" - 26"
Working Pressure 8-10 bar
Power Supply 220v
Shipping Weight 1820lbs.


TC-6501 Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer

Max wheel weight: 1100 lbs.
Max wheel width:  30.5 inches
Max tire diameter:  63 inches
Clamping range:  14”-26”
3 phase power
Remote control

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FP8K Service and Storage Parking Lift Installation Manual
Operation Manual

Cemb Tire Changers
(Made in Italy)

"If you own a tire changer that has been working flawlessly for a long time, it was probably made in Italy."

*** 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty ***


SM815 Entry Level Swing Arm Tire Changer
SM825 Swing Arm Car/SUV Tire Changer

SM915 Tire Changer
SM915 Tire Changer Machine
SM915TIJUMBO Tire Changer
SM915TIJUMBO Tire Changer Machine
SM930 Tire Changer Help Arm Tilt Back Passenger & Light Truck Tire Changers

SM935TI Tire Changer
SM935TI Tire Changer Machine
SM950R Space Saver Tilt Back Passenger & Light Truck Tire Changer
Cemb Motorcycle Tire Changers
SM900 Motorcycle / ATV Swing Arm Tire Changer
SM900 Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine
CEMB SM825 Moto Motorcycle Swing Arm
Tire Changer
CEMB SM825 Moto Motorcycle Swing Arm
CEMB SM825 Moto Press Arm
Motorcycle Tire Changer
CEMB SM925 Moto Press Arm





Commercial Tire Machines for your Service Garage

Whether you're a high-volume tire store or an independent operator, using our industrial tire changer equipment strengthens your business. Semi-automatic and fully automatic industrial tire changer equipment, swing arm or tilt style equipment, for car, motorcycle, van and light track wheels, are all available. We have tire changers for high performance tires, semi-automatic and fully automatic designs.


Wide Variety of Tire Changing Equipment

  • Portable and Manual Tire Changers
  • Rim Grip Tire Changers
  • PAX Tire Changers
  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic Tire Changers
  • Heavy-Duty Tire Changing machines
  • Swing Arm and Tilting Tower Tire Changers
  • Tire Changer Helpers and Tire Changers Helping Arms
  • Tire Changers replacement parts and accessories carries all the essential equipment for any tire dealer or tire repair shop of any size. Automated tire changing equipment increases a shop's profit. A portable tire changer gives your shop the versatility you need in order to increase the volume of your business. Move customers in and out faster. Search our great selection of automatic and semi-automatic tire changers, tire changers for PAX tires, and heavy-duty tire changing equipment to find the right solution for your automotive center.


Frequently Asked
Questions and Answers

What tire changer do I need?
Today no one ever uses anything but a rim grip tire machine with the exception of salvage yards that are discarding the rims. The aluminum alloy rims in today’s market require a rim grip machine as not to damage the valuable rim.

What types of wheels can be changed on my machine?

You can change most any tire wheel combination with the exception of PAX systems and a PAX system requires a PAX machine. The amount of PAX tires that a small shop would ever see is so few that it would not make sense to invest in such an expensive machine. Generally speaking inside clamping capabilities of up to 22” covers a wide range of wheels but if you want to be able to accommodate the larger custom wheels in today’s market you will need to go up to at least 26”.

What type of drive system do I need my tire changer to have?
The two major types of drives are electric and Air. The most common and easily repairable is electric. It is our suggestion that you go with an electric drive for convenience and ease of repair. Electric drive systems are also less expensive to purchase, operate, and repair.

How will my tire changer work with wheels (what clamping, bead system etc.)?
Your rim grip changer will generally clamp on the rim with the direct jaw pressure generated by the dual pistons. (Note, always steer clear of a single piston set up. They have an extremely high failure rate). Different Teflon and plastic jaw set ups are available to ensure the surface of the rim will be mark free. This is especially applicable with high end rims.

Sizing for my tire changer (internal /external rim, tire diameter, tire width etc)

You should size your changer according to the greatest possible common range of rims you believe you will be working with. If you would only change 1 set of 26” tires in a year it would probably not make sense to spend the extra money. But on the other hand if you did spend the extra money you would open your business up to another type of clientele altogether. It is a business decision that only the individual business person can reasonably make.

Swing Arm tire changers vs Tilt Tower tire changers.

This is usually according to the size of the tires and wheels you are going to be working on. The larger the tires and rims the greater the need for a tilt back. EX if you are always doing racing slicks or monster mudders a tilt back option would be your best choice. If you are always doing passenger cars and light trucks a tilt back is probably not needed.

PAX tires capability of my tire changer
PAX capabilities are usually only done by a dealer and before you take on this responsibility you should check to see if you are going to qualify for PAX warranty reimbursement with the respective manufacturers. We do not have any info on this at this time.

Accessories for Tire changers

Some of the most helpful accessories you can get with your changer is motorcycle adapters and plastic rim protectors. Some options come with the machines and some options do not. We can help with these available options.

Upgrades for my tire changer (helper arms etc)
Some tire changers are set up to accept the assist arm after purchase and some are not. If you feel at some point that you would need an assist arm you should be certain at the time of purchase that the machine you are purchasing has the appropriate adapter to accept an assist arm at a future date. Beware, some companies will tell you it does and it really does not. You can see it very clearly by looking at the upper rear part of the tower and/or the lower part of the body near the oiler. We will be able to point out exactly where it is in a picture.


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