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Unless you’re an experienced shop owner yourself, dealing with an automotive equipment supplier may require a leap of faith. But if you pay attention to what your support team at N. American Auto Equipment says, you’ll find clues that could tell you whether you’re choosing the right piece of equipment for the job. If you're looking for information about product capability and construction, N. American Auto Equipment is your best resource. NAAE will offer you honest advice that you can trust. Use our website as a buying guide to discover which features are most important to consider. We will also provide unbiased and factual assessments based upon our own customer feedback. Let our quality equipment help you reach your goals!

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North American Auto Equipment is proud to offer the latest and greatest in Auto Lifts, Car Lifts and Truck Lifts to anyone who is searching for a high quality auto lifts, car lifts or truck lifts for less. North American Auto Equipment is your one stop shop for all of your Garage Equipment needs!

We offer a wide range of Shop Equipment including:

2 Post Lifts, 4 Post Lifts, Alignment Lifts, Alignment Machines, Single Post Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Motorcycle Lifts, Jacks, Stands, Transmission Jacks, Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, Rim Straighteners, Frame Machines and a WIDE range of Parts and Accessories for your Shop Equipment.

Car Lifts:

North American Auto Equipment offers a complete range of durable two-post lifts and four-post lifts with lifting capacities ranging from 6,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds. Our rugged car and truck lifts are designed to handle all of your vehicle lifting applications.

North American Auto Equipment has the lift you need for almost any type of vehicle. We are a trusted distributor for various styles of Automotive Lifts ranging from Single Post Lifts to Heavy Duty Lifts for commercial truck and transit vehicles! WE offer a variety of 2 Post Lifts, 4 Post Storage Lifts, 4 Post Alignment Lifts, Certified ALI/ETL Lifts and everything in between. We provide professional, commercial grade car lifts at the absolute best prices!

Who are our Customers? Auto Service Centers, Car Dealers, Tire Shops, Classic Car Collectors, Race Car Enthusiasts and Homeowners. We have thousands of satisfied customers whom have trusted in North
American Auto Equipment for many years. Our products are designed and engineered to deliver years of dependable service for our customers.

Wheel Service Equipment:

Check out our great deals on tire changer / wheel balancer combos! Whatever your tire changer-wheel balancer needs, we have the right automotive equipment for your shop. Whether it's an affordable tire changer you need or a wheel balancer for a high volume shop, we have it!

North American Auto Equipment stocks many different models of Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers for a wide range of shop applications. North American Auto Equipment can offer our customers machines designed to change and balance tires on Passenger Cars, Heavy Duty Trucks, Large Farm Equipment , Earth Movers and smaller tires on Golf Carts, Motorcycles and ATV’s.

We offer Wheel Balancer Cones and Accessories as well. We stock all of the parts and accessories necessary to keep you operating at maximum efficiency for many years to come. We offer “Hand Spin” Wheel Balancers as well as Motorized. We stock all of the cones and adapters that may be needed to properly mount just about any factory or aftermarket wheel to ensure a perfect balance.

Buyer Beware:

Your local state, municipality, or building /zoning agency may have its own unique set of construction requirements, seismic requirements, and other electrical/installation requirements that relate to automotive service equipment. Issuance of a local building/occupancy permit may require approval from some branch of government jurisdiction. Please contact your local building department for a complete list of applicable fees or requirements related to installing and/or operating any of our products (including lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers, etc.). It is the customer’s responsibility to check with local requirements prior to purchase and/or installation.

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